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Ayano Kannagi
Crimson Flame
Princess Ayano
Princess Snooty face

First Appearance:

The Wind Returns


18 Years Old

Hair Color

Red (Pink in the anime)


Crimson Flame (She can't consciously control it.)




Jūgo Kannagi (Father)
Genma Kannagi (First Cousin Once Removed)
Kazuma Yagami (Second Cousin)
Ren Kannagi (Second Cousin)


No relations, completely unattractive.

Ayano Kannagi is the current heir of the Kannagi family and the holder of Enraiha.


Though she acts rude and undisciplined, she is very proud of her heritage. Despite claiming to hate Kazuma, Ayano has a crush on him, but gets angry when he flirts and makes a move on her and is prone to throwing fits of rage when he gets close to another woman. She later comes to realize that she is actually in love with him. Kazuma is also the only person she sees as stronger in power and presence than even her own father. She's very prideful and reckless and tends to solve everything by brute force.Four years after these events, when some Kannagi family members started to mysteriously die and everybody blamed Kazuma, who had returned as a powerful wind mage, she offered herself to kill him, but is defeated by him with ease.He returns to the Kannagi house when his brother gets kindaped by a wind magic user,he hated it though but he knew it was the only way to save his little brother.There Jugo Kannagi makes a deal with him and to the surprise of Ayano they end up working together. She is also very stubborn, as she cannot face the fact how weak she is compared to Kazuma Yagami.


She is a skilled Enjutsushi or, a skilled fire user as the successor to the Kannagi family's head. Ayano's Power is the Crimson Flame, although she is not yet able to consciously control it.

She also holds Enraiha, the Kannagi's sacred sword, which she won by defeating Kazuma at the successor ceremony four years before Kazuma became a contractor in the story. The sword has fire properties and can be summoned by Ayano at any time. At one point she was able to use the god's fire with the help of Kazuma.

Relationships: Edit

Her cousin and Kazuma's little brother. She adores him very much, and usually teases him, much to his dismay. However, sometimes Ayano feels jealous of him when Ren demonstrates techniques that she can't use or had no prior knowledge of.
  • Ayano wielding Enraiha
  • Ayano using her Crimson Flame

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