• Kunster

    Are the ages of Kazuma (22) and/or Ayano (18) wrong?

    I have noticed that all the sites related to Kaze no Stigma list them as 22 (Kazuma) and 18 (Ayano). However in the anime series, when Kazuma is banished from the Kannagi clan by his father, Genji, after losing to Ayano for the succession of Enraiha, Genji states (along with a lot of other not-so-nice things) that part of the humiliation was that Kazuma "lost to a 12 year old girl" (referring to Ayano). Since this was 4 years prior to the start of the main storyline and Kazuma's return to Japan, that would mean that Ayano should only be 16 (which would seem more correct since she is only supposed to be in her second year of high school -- referenced when they talk about Usumi being in the sa…

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