Are the ages of Kazuma (22) and/or Ayano (18) wrong?

I have noticed that all the sites related to Kaze no Stigma list them as 22 (Kazuma) and 18 (Ayano). However in the anime series, when Kazuma is banished from the Kannagi clan by his father, Genji, after losing to Ayano for the succession of Enraiha, Genji states (along with a lot of other not-so-nice things) that part of the humiliation was that Kazuma "lost to a 12 year old girl" (referring to Ayano). Since this was 4 years prior to the start of the main storyline and Kazuma's return to Japan, that would mean that Ayano should only be 16 (which would seem more correct since she is only supposed to be in her second year of high school -- referenced when they talk about Usumi being in the same class as Nanase, who is supposed to be in the same grade as Ayano. It would also make Kazuma 18, and an adult, when he was banished, and the animation for Ayano and Kazuma's fight scene for Enraiha, along with Kazuma's banishment scenes before his father and the other with his mother, certainly make him appear to be much younger than 18 at that time. He is drawn more like a child, not someone who would currently be the same age that Ayano is supposed to be now.

Something just doesn't seem right here.

They don't make any direct hints to their ages in the anime other than that Kazuma is of drinking age -- 20 in Japan -- and Ayano is not (which originally made it seem like their respective ages were 20 and 16 with the way he taunts her about being able to drink alcohol). The official Japanese website for the show has been taken down and Gonzo's Japanese information page about Kaze no Stigma does not list character details. Most websites get the character information from Wikipedia, which isn't necessarily correct since it is updated by users, and since their ages are listed as 22 and 18 on there, all other internet sources just seem to do the same. I've hit a dead end in my search and it's really bugging me for some odd reason ^.^

Can anyone clarify their ages from either the light novels or another official source? It would be very much appreciated. :)

Kunster 15:10, August 12, 2010 (UTC)kb